Techno Steel is equipped with the latest software in Design and Draughting process. Numerous sophisticated structures have been already designed and executed by its experienced Structural Engineers and skilled Draughtmen.


Techno Steel is using the latest machineries in fabrication with its Certified Welders & Machine Operators that give assurance to clients of their high quality works and meeting the international standards.

Protective Finishing

This process covers blasting & painting activities wherein fabricated steel structures are cleaned and applied with coating to protect against corrosion. Surface profile, type & color of paint, DFT thickness and related requirements are always as per clients specifications. Techno Steel has the expertise for blasting and painting works, being one of its major production activities, its standard conformity and application of “Intumescent Coating” as Protective Coating for its fabricated steel.


Over the years Techno Steel has provided countless of fabricated steel products coming from sophisticated designs and exquisite client’s requirements. Each finished product comes with a well-crafted and secured Packing & Protection to ensure its high quality is delivered right in time.


Techno Steel is known for its extreme capability to work at top of any high rise buildings as well as on the ground with complicated structures through its experienced erection team that executes in a very efficient and safety conduct.


As Techno Steel is committed to provide comprehensive services for steel products, now it has added “Hot Dip Galvanizing” along its fabrication activities and its application provides steel with corrosion resistance over a longer period of time.

Civil Contracting

Awarded with G+12 Contracting License from Dubai Municipality and known as a specialized General Contractor highly competent in constructing Industrial, Commercial & Residential Buildings, Villa, Palace, Car Parks, Bridges, Factories, Petrol Stations, Offices & Warehouses, Hangars and Shopping Malls among others.

Specialist in Concrete and Steel Buildings

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